Our Divisions

interocean 2 - altInterocean’s Divisions – Marine, Engineering, Moorings, Survey & Positioning and Risk Management – comprise teams of highly trained, experienced and qualified marine, safety, engineering and technical specialists. Each Division offers a wide range of services which, combined, enable Interocean to provide a competitive and comprehensive Marine Project Solutions Service, from project inception, through execution to project completion and close-out, that meets all Client requirements.

The Marine Division’s core service is the provision of rig moving operations, however, we also have extensive in-house capabilities to offer the services of proficient Mariners in various aspects of marine and offshore oil and gas industry operations and work activities.

Interocean’s Engineering Division offers a range of engineering solutions and services to the marine and offshore oil and gas industries including Mooring Analysis, Riser and Conductor Analysis, Anchor Handling Studies and Analysis, Sea-fastening Calculations, Diffraction work, Shipyard/Quayside Project Management, the provision of 2D and 3D Design Drawings and FEA, Project Design Engineering and support including the provision of Mooring Engineers onboard MODUs and site supervision (vessels and shipyard/quayside facilities).

The Moorings Division complements Interocean’s ever-expanding marine service portfolio by providing a mooring equipment, management and supervision service in-house, offering our clients the most technically advanced and highest specification of mooring equipment.

Interocean has made a significant investment into developing its Survey and Positioning Department through the recruitment of highly experienced personnel, procurement of industry-leading equipment and the development of an in-house solution for AHV positioning and tracking.

The Risk Management Division offers compliance services in the form of development and implementation of management system documentation to meet the requirements of international maritime laws and standards, and NWEA, Australian and other worldwide regulations, by competent, qualified and highly trained HSEQ, risk and marine specialists with many years of industry experience.

A more detailed description of the services offered by each of the Interocean Divisions are provided below.

Marine Services

Interocean offers a wide range of specialist marine services utilising our dedicated team of proficient Mariners, Tow Masters, Marine Representatives and other specialist marine personnel, who have built up extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in all aspects of marine operations over the years. Whilst our core business is the provision of rig moving services worldwide, we also offer  the marine, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and commercial shipping industries the following specialist marine services, to name a few:

Rig Moves

Galaxy 111 IMG_3627Interocean’s Marine Division is a leading provider of worldwide rig moving services, in all challenging environmental and geographical offshore and coastal environments, conducting in excess of 250 rig moves annually.  We provide our clients with a comprehensive rig moving service, project managing from initial preparation and planning, through development of Rig Move Procedures, provision of Mooring Equipment and Tow Masters, to final rig positioning and reporting, using our highly trained, experienced and competent team of Marine Superintendents, Tow Masters and Marine Representatives.

Interocean specialises in the worldwide relocation of all types of jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units where the location can present many technical and environmental challenges.  Examples include complex subsea infrastructures, difficult soil types, deep and shallow waters, rack phase differences (RPD) and excessive spud can loading.  Rig moves can be carried out from, and to, any location including fixed platforms, open locations, harbours, dry-docks, on/off-loads (carriers), river estuaries and harsh environments. In addition to rig moving, Interocean also provides specialist personnel for the purposes of undertaking FPSO, floatel and barge moves.

                                                                                    Our Rig Moving services include: 

IMG_0949 altered

  • Preparation of Mooring Analysis for client review and approval
  • Location Approval review during initial planning and preparation (jack-up drilling units)
  • Identification and sourcing of mooring equipment by our Mooring Division specialists
  • Participation in/chair preparation and client review of the rig move-specific HIRA prior to approval and issue
  • Development, review and approval of the site-specific Rig Move Procedure
  • Participation in Rig Move Procedure presentation at Rig Move Meetings onshore (Stage 1)
  • Provision of proficient Tow Masters and Marine Representatives to conduct the Rig Move
  • Marine and Technical Audits and/or Inspections of support vessels
  • Participation in offshore Rig Move Meeting (Stage 2)
  • Provision of detailed Rig Move Reports on completion of rig move
  • Project Review in conjunction with the client at project completion

Rack Phase Differential

Interocean also offers a complete Marine Project Solutions Service to Clients requiring both consultancy and project management for specialist services in the fields of Rack Phase Difference (RPD) management, instruction and consultation.

Specialist Marine Personnel

Innovation 1Interocean’s capabilities include the provision of specialist marine, engineering and safety professionals who have accumulated an extensive range of expertise in all aspects of the marine and offshore oil and gas industries.  We encourage career progress through the development and implementation of in-house training and bespoke competence assurance programmes tailored specifically to the needs of each of our Divisions with particular focus on Mariners, Naval Architects and Design Engineers.

Our Marine Division’s team of marine specialists comprises highly skilled and competent Mariners who have operated both offshore and onshore in a wide range of practical and managerial positions, gaining extensive knowledge in all aspects of rig moving operations and other marine roles, including:

  • Rig Move Project Managers
  • Client Warranty Approved Tow Masters (jack-up including RPD, and semi-submersible drilling units)
  • Tow Masters
  • Marine Representatives (DSV, AHV, Heavy Lift, Dry Carrier, Pipe-lay etc)
  • Vessel Auditors
  • Vessel Assurance Inspectors
  • Vessel Masters
  • Mooring Masters
  • Dynamic Positioning Assurance Inspectors
  • Dynamic Positioning Supervisors/Operators
  • Marine Superintendents
  • Incident Investigation
  • Offshore Installation Managers (jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units)
  • Barge Engineers/Supervisors (jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units)
  • Lecturers for the ‘Marine Operations of Self Elevating Platforms – Jack-Ups’ course – ASET International Oil and Gas Training Academy – Aberdeen

Interocean’s teams of specialist personnel also include Naval Architects, Structural Engineers, Draughtsmen, Onshore Project Managers (shipyard and quayside), Mooring Engineers and Risk Managers.

Anchor Handling Vessel Marine Representatives

Recognizing anchor handling operations to be one of the most hazardous and demanding marine operations in the offshore industry, at client request Interocean provides highly trained specialist Marine Representatives to:

  • attend the vessel to oversee and ensure that the recovery and deployment operations are carried out in accordance with client approved procedures, Anchor Handling Manual, industry standards, Rig Move Procedures and site-/AHV-specific anchor handling studies
  • prepare a quality report on completion of operations presenting a compilation of findings, conclusions and recommendations to ensure continued safe operations and continuous improvement

In addition Interocean can supply an experienced Master to sail as an observer and carry out the following:

  • inspect and audit the AHV for suitability and operational capability during a sailing visit
  • monitor the competence of AHV crew members

Marine Procedures and Documentation

Using our specialist in-house expertise, Interocean develops an extensive range of Marine Procedures and Documentation to meet the requirements of specific international maritime and coastal state regulatory requirements and standards. Our personnel, with the appropriate in-depth knowledge of subject matter, prepare quality management system documentation relating to regulatory, technical and operational aspects of marine, engineering and risk management specialist activities, in accordance with client requirements.

Examples of formal written documentation that Interocean provides include, but is not limited to:


  • Comprehensive Rig Move Procedures and Rig Move Reports (jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units, FPSOs, barges, floatels)
  • Anchor Pattern Pre-lay Procedures
  • Feasibility Studies for Jack-up Emplacement
  • Onload/Offload Dry Carrier Procedures
  • Docking Procedures
  • Incident Investigation Reports
  • FPSO Installation and Hook-up Procedures
  • Rig-specific RPD Procedures
  • Passage Plans and Tow Routing
  • Heading Control Procedures
  • Anchor Handling Manuals
  • Marine Operations Manuals
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP)/Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP)
  • Jacking Operations Manual
  • Garbage Management Plans
  • etc

Marine and Technical Audits and Inspections

Interocean’s team of experienced and accredited specialist marine personnel conduct worldwide marine audits and inspections of vessels, MOUs, marine equipment, service-providers etc, in the marine, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and commercial shipping sectors. Our auditors and inspectors have a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge built up over many years in the marine industries on mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs), production platforms, seismic vessels, anchor handling vessels (AHVs), well stimulators, platform supply vessels (PSVs), emergency recovery and rescue vessels (ERRVs), dynamic positioning vessels, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels etc.

Interocean has the expertise to conduct audits and inspections including, but not limited to:

John Shaw 4

  • Ship inspections and audits
  • Pre rig move inspections
  • Vessel and barge inspections
  • Marine inspections
  • Dynamic Positioning audits including FMEA
  • Compliance audits
  • (MSF) AHV/PSV inspection audits
  • IMCA Marine and Technical Audits (CMIDs)
  • OCIMF Marine Assurance Inspections (OVID)

Interocean is approved to carry out Flag-state inspections of all vessels and rigs/MOUs in accordance with Vanuatu requirements and individual authorisation to Marshall Islands requirements.

Naval Architecture & Engineering

Interocean’s Naval Architectural Design and Engineering capabilities are of the highest quality and reputable standards and incorporate all aspects and stages of the project, from FEED through installation.  Our Naval Architects and Design/Structural Engineers are experienced in the preparation of Mooring Analysis (offshore, inshore and quayside), Anchor Handling Analysis, Stability Assessments, Structural Analysis etc. Interocean’s Naval Architecture Design and Engineering capabilities extend, but are not limited, to:

Mooring Analysis

MO - Rather July 2007Interocean works directly with our Clients to develop concepts and designs for all mooring system capabilities in the offshore marine and oil and gas industries, and inshore waters and quaysides. Working closely alongside both our Marine and Moorings Divisions, we ensure the provision and supply of a full range of bespoke engineering solutions to the highest safety and quality standards for client mooring installation projects.

Mooring System Design and Analysis including Dynamic and Quasi-static Methods

Naval Architecture and Engineering services provided by Interocean includes Modelling, Design and Analysis (Quasi-static and Dynamic) of mooring systems for complex and deep water locations including:

  • Multi-element mooring systems
  • Combination mooring systems for MODUs as well as permanently moored units
  • Open water mooring analysis
  • Alongside/stand-off mooring analysis of two or more units with complex field layouts
  • Quayside/pierside mooring analysis
  • Mooring equipment selection through bespoke design, tailor-made to meet client unique requirements
  • Skidding analysis and field layout planning
  • Anchor patterns and field overviews
  • 3D and 2D line make-up drawings



Our specialist engineers analyse mooring systems to the highest industry standards adopted by clients to ensure compliance with the relevant guidance (HSE, ISO, DNV, API etc) to ensure operational requirements with regard to unit offsets can be achieved.

Our personnel provide comprehensive reporting on mooring analysis and operational guidelines for limiting environmental parameters, active line manipulation and thruster usage required to maintain desired unit offsets and mooring line tensions within the required applicable code limits.

Riser and Conductor Analysis

Riser - critical load

Our Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering experts deliver detailed well-site analyses and design for drilling risers and conductors, using precise analytical and modelling techniques coupled with considerable practical capabilities. Drilling riser and conductor strength and fatigue performance can be thoroughly assessed based on predicted dynamic behaviour using site-specific environmental, geotechnical and well-specific data.

Detailed Rigid Riser and Conductor Studies including VIV, Fatigue, Recoil, Vessel Uptime etc

Interocean works directly with Clients to carry out detailed Riser and Conductor Analysis to industry standards including well head fatigue and vortex induced vibration (VIV) studies, minimising the cost of drilling operations by maximising vessel uptime. Riser Diverter Housing Gap
Studies include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Review, Design Basis
  • Model/Stack-up Generation
  • Operability Analysis
  • BOP Landing Assessments
  • Hang-off Evaluation and Limit Determination
  • Riser Running and Retrieval
  • Drift-off Evaluation and Disconnect Limits
  • Conductor Stability Assessments
  • Wellhead Fatigue Life Assessments
  • Recoil Analysis
  • Vessel Uptime Studies
  • MPD and non-MPD evaluations

On completion of the studies and analysis, formal quality reports are issued to clients, presenting clear and concise results that provide assurance of the performance of the riser or conductor.

Anchor Handling Studies and Analysis

DSC00005Recognizing anchor handling operations to be one of the most hazardous and demanding marine operations in the offshore industry, Interocean provides clients with location-/AHV-specific anchor handling studies, focusing on obtaining realistic external forces on the AHV to evaluate and determine the positioning capability of the AHV during anchor deployment and recovery.  The results of our studies assist our clients to select the optimum specification of vessel.

Consideration is given to:

  • wind, wave and current (drift) loads on the AHV
  • current-induced load on the mooring line
  • effect of mooring line configuration
  • AHV bearing and distance from the rig during mooring line installation, assisting in setting the Green, Amber and Red zones for AHV drifting off-line during installation

The thrust utilisation plot is then used to illustrate the positioning capability of the AHV, taking into consideration the most critical weather direction.  Comparisons are made of thrust utilisation plots for both normal and accidental conditions. Interocean uses a numerical model suitable to simulate the anchor handling scenario in static analysis, useful for:

  • defining vessel specific limitations
  • selecting a proper AHV prior to the operation commencing
  • serving as the basis for establishing critical scenarios that are valuable for crew training in a simulator

Mooring Deployment and Recovery Methodology (including deep water)

Mooring deployment is a particular requirement for deep water mooring projects in order to develop a suitable strategy that minimises the loads imposed upon anchor handling vessels (AHVs).  Interocean’s Engineering Division provides a minimum vessel specification in terms of winch capacities and bollard pull, together with recommended work-wire/chase-wire string components.  We offer clients a bespoke service, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Complex Multi-element Catenary Modelling

Interocean’s Naval Architecture and Engineering specialist personnel can provide complex multi-element catenaries of moorings and work-wire examinations at various stages of the anchor deployment operation, to determine vessel and rig winch loads and vessel bollard pull requirements.  From base results obtained, an iterative process is used to develop a suitable anchor deployment methodology.

Bollard Pull and Heading Control Analysis/Calculations

Heading Control Management services provided by Interocean include:

  • Bollard pull analysis
  • Heading control calculations
  • Heading control procedures

Specialist Marine Engineering Services

Interocean offers a wide range of specialist marine engineering services using modern technologies and analytical studies. Using highly trained, experienced and competent specialist marine and engineering personnel enables us to combine state-of-the-art modelling techniques together with practical knowledge to meet the challenging demands of the offshore environment and client requirements.

FPSO and FSU Mooring Installation and Repair Projects

Interocean’s team of highly skilled and experienced Naval Architects and Marine Superintendents, provides tailor-made services to clients for FPSO mooring operations.  Our services include mooring installation, repair, pre-laying, cross-tensioning and hook-up.


Design, Approval, Installation and Supervision of Sea-fastening/Load-out Operations

Interocean also provides sea-fastening/load-out calculations, installation and supervision on an international basis.  We have been successfully providing our clients with a quality service and quick response in this field.


Motion Analysis and Hydrodynamic Studies

Motion analysis and hydrodynamic studies that we provide include:

  • Analysis of hull motions for both moored and free-floating installations
  • Interaction between offshore units when working in close proximity

Structural Design and Analysis Services

Interocean provides Structural modelling and analysis for vessel upgrades and repair projects. We are regularly involved in major modification and design projects worldwide.  Software utilised includes but is not limited to STAADPro v8 and AutoCAD Inventor.

Stability and Towage Analysis

Interocean provides stability analysis for various vessel conditions (for example intact and damaged).  We also provide detailed towage analysis calculating the effect of various sea states and hence optimising the tow route/equipment etc.

Engineering and Design

Coriolis Platform 2Interocean’s Engineering Division offers a comprehensive and competitive engineering and design service that covers all aspects of feasibility, detailed design and installation of small to large-scale projects, both onshore and offshore.  Our range of engineering and design project solutions are built around Rig Repair, Subsea, Petrochemical and Process, and Civils.

We work closely with our clients to deliver added value by tailoring our services to meet individual needs and project-specific requirements, including:

  • Subsea systems and pipelines
  • Semi-submersible, jack-up, FPSO engineering and analysis
  • Vessel mobilisation and sea-fastening design
  • Safety studies and risk assessments
  • Advanced structural design using finite element analysis (FEA)


Interocean offers comprehensive survey and auditing services to enable clients to make informed decisions on current and future projects.  Our services are versatile, and provided by our multi-disciplined team of structural, mechanical, piping and process engineers with the capabilities to enable us to meet the ever-changing needs of clients in a dynamic industry.

Design - altInterocean challenges existing designs and ideas to ensure that the optimum solution to client individual needs can be met.  Trained to the highest standard, our designers create high quality 2D drawings and 3D models utilising the latest industry-recognised software, including but not limited to:

  • AutoCAD and Solid Works for 2D and 3D drafting
  • STAAD Pro software for product application
  • Mathcad for engineering calculations
  • ANSYS simulation software
  • Smart Plant Isometrics


Services offered from conception through execution to completion include, but are not limited to:

  • Front end engineering design (FEED)
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Project management and delivery including fabrication and installation
  • Inspection and audit
  • Operations and performance improvement


Interocean provides mooring services through its Alliance Agreement with First Marine Solutions. By combining the equipment resources and technical expertise of the two companies, the FMS-Interocean Alliance is the largest and most comprehensive mooring services provider in the region, tailoring its services to meet the needs of clients using experienced, competent specialists and providing equipment to the highest specification and latest technologies. 

The Alliance provides a complete management and supervision of marine equipment service from its quayside facility in the Port of Montrose, including equipment identification and sourcing of requirements, mobilisation/demobilisation and inspection, installation, and recovery and cargo reconciliation.   

Our mooring equipment pool includes anchors, chain, kentors and connectors, wire, pennants, chaser and grapnels, fibre rope, shackles, buoys, etc., while the Montrose base features a comprehensive range of handling services including spooling and coiling.  

The Alliance works closely with both our Marine and Engineering Divisions, combining to offer a complete Marine Project Solutions Service – a one stop, cost-effective service for our clients.

Survey & Positioning

Our Survey and Positioning team utilises the latest technology together with the extensive knowledge and experience of its personnel to provide reliable and accurate rig and vessel positioning and remote tracking services, together with construction support, seabed mapping, inspection, monitoring and site investigation services.

The Company deploys a comprehensive range of survey and positioning equipment to meet all rig move and vessel positioning requirements, including packages for remote AHV positioning and excursion monitoring together with subsea acoustic positioning systems for construction support. The team also carries out seabed surveys associated with pipeline and cable routes, debris clearance and underwater inspection.

Our suite of survey services includes the following:

  • DGNSS based high accuracy positioning of mobile drilling rigs, AHVs, construction vessels, intervention vessels and diving support vessels
  • Innovative cost-effective positioning solutions based on satellite or terrestrial based tracking systems NaviModel Pipeline image 08
  • Surface and subsea heading and attitude monitoring packages
  • Subsea acoustic positioning
  • Construction support surveys including pre-installation, installation support and as-built
  • Seabed mapping based on single beam and multi beam echo sounders together with 3D visualisation sonars
  • Seabed investigation using geophysical systems
  • Monitoring of project dynamics such as seabed scour, dredging, rock dumping, grouting, seabed debris and UXO events
  • Positioning and survey support for subsea inspection operations


Renewable Energy

home-thumb-4Interocean, a Rigmar company, in conjunction with Rigmar Group, provides an extensive range of support services and solutions using our internal multi-disciplinary teams of marine, engineering, technical and safety specialists to assist the renewable energy industry to operate in the harshest marine and onshore environments. We offer clients a complete project solutions service from project inception and pre-planning, through execution to project completion and close-out, including management of all operational risks, and operations and performance improvement.

Our highly skilled teams comprise:

  • Specialist marine personnel, experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of marine vessel operations
  • Multi-disciplined trades personnel including Welders, Platers, Painters Mechanical Fitters, Riggers and Pipefitters
  • Mechanical Technicians and Engineers
  • Electrical Technicians and Engineers
  • NDT and Inspection Technicians and Engineers
  • All personnel trained to Work at Height to the highest industry standards
  • High Angle Rescue and Confined Space Entry Specialists
  • Marine and Structural Engineers and Designers with specialist skills in mechanical engineering design and analysis, materials, fatigue, and corrosion prevention
  • Specialist Engineering and Design personnel with expertise in sea-fastening/load-out calculations, attendance during loading/unloading operations, installation and supervision, and vessel uptime analysis
  • Survey and positioning services including pre-engineering surveys, debris clearance surveys, UXO surveys, pre-installation surveys, precise positioning and as-built surveys

Quality procedures and documentation are developed to relevant ISO standards – to name a few, detailed method statements including risk assessments, marine operating procedures, engineering reports and analyses, work instructions, repair and cleaning procedures, surface preparation and coatings application procedures etc.

Services we provide, but are not limited, to:


  • rigmar_slide4Attendance on behalf of the client to ensure all operations including installation are carried out in accordance with approved procedures, eg verify cable-laying operations are carried out in accordance with route layout
  • Provide advice on port/harbour suitability and infrastructure (eg fabrication facilities, 24 hour access, security arrangements etc)
  • Personnel transfer and maintenance vessel selection and inspection taking into account operational capability and suitability
  • Survey and positioning services
  • Site-specific weather forecasting services to minimise waiting-on-weather and ensure operations are carried out within safe limits
  • Provision of guard vessels to protect against dangers arising from other marine activities and local traffic movements


  • Front end engineering, and detailed engineering design
  • Advanced structural design using finite element analysis (FEA)
  • State-of-the-art technology and industry standards including AutoCAD and Solid Works for 2D and 3D drafting, STAAD Pro software for product application, MathCAD for engineering calculations, ANSYS simulation software, and Smart Plant Isometrics


  • Applying proven industry experience – our Engineers create detailed design drawings for temporary support structures, load bearing platforms, cantilevered and suspended access systems
  • Fully qualified Technicians with proven competency in the application of all types of scaffold systems

Inspection and Specialist Access

  • Access - altIRATA trained rope access teams qualified in confined space and industrial rope access techniques, competent in carrying out wind turbine inspection, repair and maintenance workscopes inclusive of, blade repairs and remedial works, sub-station and transition piece surface coating inspections and repairs
  • Visual and NDT Inspection Services including end of warranty inspections
  • Comprehensive inspection of structures coatings
  • Monitoring algae/marine growth
  • Cathodic protection surveys
  • Corrosion and erosion surveys


  • Specialise in protective coatings to extend the operational lifespan of metal structures such as internal and external asset protection, hull structural preservation, watertight integrity, manual preparation, power tool preparation, hydro-blasting, abrasive blast cleaning (dry and wet) and sponge blasting
  • State-of-the-art, certified equipment immediately available to ensure an efficient and effective response
  • NACE and ICorr accredited inspectors, highly trained and experienced to ensure repairs and coatings are completed to the correct specification, procedure and classification of repair


  • Fabrication and assembly workshops to accommodate large projects requiring high capacity resources, located in close proximity to sea, rail and road transport to facilitate efficient load-out of structures
  • Dedicated adjoining facility for the fabrication and welding of all exotic and stainless materials
  • Procurement of materials, fabrication, installation and commissioning

Project Management

Hercules Triumph arriving in RotterdamInterocean Divisions – Marine, Engineering, Mooring and Risk Management – comprise teams of dedicated, experienced and qualified specialists, which has enabled us to establish a foundation from which we can provide clients with a complete Marine Project Solutions Service. We work closely with clients from initial project conception, through execution to completion and close out, providing cost-effective, quality and innovative solutions in a timely manner, with safety at the forefront. This allows our clients to concentrate on other key aspects of the overall project. Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the Marine and Offshore Energy industries, and a disciplined methodical approach to project management, clients are able to capitalise on our in-house capabilities to evaluate operational risks and assess the feasibility of working practices.

With unparalleled knowledge of the Marine and Offshore Energy industries, Interocean offers, but is not limited to:

  • Defining development options
  • Management of engineering design
  • Contract tendering
  • Risk identification, evaluation and management
  • Evaluation and execution management
  • Management of offshore installations
  • Management of quayside/shipyard vessel modifications
  • Research Projects
  • Preparation of documentation

Dependent on the scale, significance and complexity of client needs, the flexibility of our Project Management services enables us to work closely with our clients on discrete aspects of work, or we can manage the project in its entirety from start to finish.

Risk Management

Interocean’s Risk Management and Marine Divisions comprise teams of qualified specialist personnel with extensive knowledge and expertise in international maritime laws and coastal state regulatory compliance requirements. We offer clients a comprehensive range of risk management services to assist in demonstrating compliance with current legislation and industry standards in the offshore oil and gas, marine, renewable energy and commercial shipping industries.

Our key specialist Risk Management services, to name a few, include development of:

  • Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality management systems – integrated or stand-alone
  • Major Accident HSE Cases (Safety Cases), in particular to NWEA, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian requirements
  • Major Accident Hazard Registers and Assessments using Bow-tie Methodology
  • Project-specific HAZIDs/Risk Assessments
  • PFEER Assessments (fire and explosion, and emergency response)
  • HIRA (Stages 1, 2 and 3, Rig Move Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)
  • SIMOPs plans, matrices and interface/bridging documentation Iceberg
  • Marine Operations Manuals
  • Combined Operations Notifications
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)
  • Verification Schemes/Written Schemes of Verification (WSVs)
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEPs)/Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs)
  • Garbage Management Plans/Waste Management Plans
  • Competence Management Systems/Competence Assurance Programmes
  • Marine Licensing (Flag State Seafarer Applications)
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Aspects and Impacts Registers
  • Environmental Compliance Registers